In 2014 Linda Geers opened restaurant Torpedoloods. “I started this adventure at the age of 22 without money or years of experience, but with lots of enthusiasm and energy. I really love creating new things and putting great ideas into action! ”

We learn by constantly trying new things. Through doing this, the team and company grew over the years. Torpedoloods has grown into a beautiful event location, where (in addition to lunch and dinner) you can meet, party, spend the night and even get married. We like to keep improving things and making the "normal" things special and personal. This is reflected in our business and the way in which we organize events.

In 2018, the Torpedoloods team opened a second hotel, including a bistro, in the center of Hook of Holland: Hotel Amerika. At this location, meetings and fabulous parties can be held as well.

Our team continues working with the same energy, even in these pandemic times. Together we are strong and we look forward to all the beautiful moments that are undoubtedly yet to come!


The monumental building in which Torpedoloods is housed dates from 1886. In over 125 years that followed, the building has known various (military) purposes.

Initially, the building was built for the storage of sea mines and torpedoes. In the event of an approaching disaster from the water, these sea mines could be quickly retrieved and placed in the Waterway. The Torpedoloods has fulfilled this function for decades.

During the Second World War, the building proved to be extremely suitable for ammunition storage. The Germans occupied the property and expanded it with a second bunker, which is located next to the property. Thus, a large amount of ammunition parts for ships could be stored. The existing bunker, behind the building, was also considerably strengthened.

After the war, the Torpedoloods became the mobilization point for local civilian soldiers. Should the Netherlands go to war again, civilians from the area would be under arms here. For decades, military equipment was stored in the Torpedoloods, until the 1980s. The building was then evacuated by the Ministry of Defense and became vacant.

In the late 1990s, the dilapidated property was given a new purpose as the place for a business in the hospitality industry. Until 2012, "De Torpedoloods" decorated the Berghaven as a place to eat and drink. It has been Torpedoloods since 2014.

National monument
The Torpedoloods got its monumental character in 1970, when the monument law was established. Because the property is part of our national history, it was designated a national monument. This gives the property eternal protection. The other national monuments of Hook ofHolland include a fort nearby and the casemates.

Eclectic architectural style
Torpedoloods is built in an eclectic style. A combination of elements from various styles and movements are intertwined in the building. Eclectic architecture often harks back to the past. In this way, the fusion of decorations from different historical style periods leads to a new style.


The hotel of Torpedoloods is located in a building with the name Badhuis, which means bath house. This building was built in the same eclectic style as the Torpedoloods. The building was used from 1904 to the 1980s as a residence, changing room and shower facility. The name "badhuis" also comes from that time.

In the last century, the building provided shelter for German soldiers, security and logistics personnel present. Soldiers located in the area could shower in this building. Moreover, the inhabitants of Hook ofHolland were allowed to shower here every Saturday for a dime. This is because this building was one of the town's few washing facilities at the time. After the Second World War, the building belonged to the Ministry of Defense.

Changing room (1970s and 1980s)
In the 1970s and 1980s, the building served as a changing room and shower facility for people who received swimming lessons in the harbor. The building consisted of two changing rooms (men and women separated) with a washing area in between. The procedure for switching between men and women was particularly special. The women were first allowed to use the washing facilities. When they had finished showering, they knocked twice on the door of the men's locker room. Then they left the washroom. As soon as the door to the women's locker room was slammed shut, the door to the men's locker room opened and they used the facilities.

Hotel and new building
When Torpedoloods was opened in 2013, the bathhouse was in bad condition and did not have a monumental status. From the nineties the building was no longer maintained and therefore in such disrepair that it could no longer be used for the new hotel. With the construction of a new building, it was decided to maintain the style of the old bathhouse. The window has also been placed back in the ridge of the hotel. This was a striking feature of the building. The hotel in the new building “ Badhuis” was opened on May 25, 2016 by the grandfather and grandmother of Linda Geers.