There is much to see and do in Hook of Holland and in the immediate area. The wide North Sea beach is a real crowd favorite in all seasons. Here you can sunbathe, walk or cycle through the dunes or enjoy the view from one of the beach pavilions.

Hook of Holland has a rich history, especially during the war years. There are still many tangible memories of that time in the town, such as the bunkers and the Atlantik-Wall museum. Even older is Fort 1881, an old armored fortress that was built to protect Rotterdam against the violence of war. The three impressive gun turrets and an underground tunnel system are more than worthy of a visit.

The Nieuwe Waterweg with the world famous Maeslantkering is also a must see. It is the final piece of the Delta Works, intended to keep the Netherlands dry during heavy storms. Rent a bicycle and combine a trip along the water with a visit to the Westland with many hectares of greenhouses full of vegetables and flowers. You can also find those flowers in the flower auction of Naaldwijk, where you can book a guided tour. Also recommended is the crossing with the Fast Ferry to the second Maasvlakte. Note: on the way you will pass a seal colony!

The Staelduinse Bos (forest) starts a few kilometers outside Hook of Holland. An oasis of peace and a lovely forest for a walk. Do you prefer activities in the busier, big city? Well-known cities such as The Hague and Rotterdam are very close. Here you can find shops, museums and architecture. For those who want to see the Holland of the past: visit the canal city of Delft. These cities are easily accessible by car and public transport.